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A Little Too Late by Narjis Shimirty

6th of December, 2011. That day strikes vivid memories, ones which I have tried so hard to push away & find myself teary writing about. I lost a true hero and a role model, my paternal grandfather. A few days … Continue reading

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Why William H. Quilium is an inspiration to me – By Syrag Abdullah

After watching a documentary on BBC called ‘Great British Islam’ I was inspired to notice a man who worked hard enough to give to his community. After doing my research upon this character I found out that during an era … Continue reading

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I Wrote A Letter – By Nouri Sardar

I gaze out in searching… for a saviour rising The absence in my heart… calls out for his name In a heart that’s bleeding… a fire igniting And only his rising… can put out this flame I wrote a letter… … Continue reading

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The Everlasting Flame – by Marwa Ali

It’s been almost a month since my visit to Karbala and there’s an ache in my heart comforted only by the thought of returning one day. Although it hadn’t been my first time visiting, I felt that the yearning for … Continue reading

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Hijab: A responsibility and submission to Allah swt – by Alkhaizaran Al-Basrah

In a previous discussion I asked the sisters who were present what kind of struggles and problems they were/are facing. Unfortunately I did not get an answer. Some might think that it was a rhetorical or a somewhat ’’patronising’’ question. … Continue reading

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Cultural Religiosity – By Zahira Mamdani

In this past year, there has been an epidemic of girls and young women removing their Hijab permanently (No, I don’t plan to rant about this for the rest of this blog), and the question many people have been asking … Continue reading

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The struggles of a ‘towel head’ – by Narjis Shimirty

Hijab: A single word which has become enough to cause controversy, havoc and an eruption of emotions within us. I felt compelled to write this after attending a discussion recently, whereby one of the topics were whether men should be … Continue reading

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