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The Love of the Ahlulbayt (AS) by Zahra Kazmi

Among all the beautiful blessings of Allah (swt), blessings which are countless rather beyond our imagination .one blessing for which we can never thank almighty. To be honest we don’t realize it the way it needs to be realized! And … Continue reading

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The Position of the Prayer in Islam by Syrag Khaledi

Prayer has a great standing, elevated above the other actions of worship; indeed, it has a great position in Islam, a pillar of the religion, without which the religion itself cannot be established,  Allah said, “Indeed prayer has been prescribed … Continue reading

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“The Mothers of the Martyrs” by Athar Ibrahim

~ Dedicated to the mother of Yousef Zayni, may Allah rest his soul and grant her patience, and to the most patient person I know, my mother.  I am the mother of Ali Al-Akbar.  The Prince of Bani Hashem, our … Continue reading

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“This one is for the Ladies” by Aqeela Naqvi‏

This one is for the ladies who feel crippled at the soul from fighting the dark fight to fit in and feel right, to keep this porcelain doll all right from being thrown around, sized up, measured down every crack … Continue reading

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