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Salam Alaykum dear brothers/sisters

Lantern of the Path belongs to all of us, and contribution by our readers is highly encouraged. The success of this website depends solely on you. Only you can help others benefit from it and only you can spread the message.

If you would like to share your own love, experiences, knowledge and thoughts to inspire others then please email

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4 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Juan says:

    Faith till the hour arrives. Nobody will pass through the thin entrance. Hope is our strenght that never fails. The Victory belongs to the faithful.

  2. Fatema says:

    Salaam, Came across your good website….just one suggestion came to my mind….among the list of lecturers, i missed seeing the name of Sh Khalil Jaffer , a prolific and knowledgeable speaker….I strongly recommend you find and upload his series of lectures for the benefit of all….most are available on……jazakAllah khair…..iltemas e dua

  3. Ammara muhammad says:

    I am writing on behave of all the Muslim community from Louisville Ky. We play your lectures in muharram , Ramadan and almost in every occasion of ahleybait. I started a class system for our youth. We played your discussions on “dating and marriage in Islam”
    , everyone loved it. Now they have many questions about their problems and want to have an Q&A or workshop with you. I am trying to reach you so that we can invite you. Please reply me back . We all (Sunni, Shia) wants to hear you live in our city. Please consider it and you can contact me via email.
    Thank you so much and insha Allah will hear from you soon.
    Ammara Muhammad.

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