Quotes from Zainul Abideen

“What harm will come to you if you take all Muslims to be your family and your relations? Consider your elders to be your parents, those younger than you as your children and those of your age as your brothers. If you do so who is going to harm or abuse you?”

“He who honors himself will debase the worldly life.”

Before Imam As-Sajjad(AS), a man said: “O Allah, make me do without people,” The Imam instructed: “This is not accurate. People are in the service of each other. You should say: O Allah, make me do without the evil ones.”

“This Azan is proof that you have failed, the Muhammad[saw] mentioned is the Prophet of Allah and I am his grandson, whom you murdered in Karbala was his grandson. You have without a doubt failed, as long as Allah’s Name is the Highest, you and your allies will never win, and you will always be defeated, no matter how large your armies and how strong your methods.”

“Avoid telling lies, whether they were significant or venial, or in serious or humorous situations, for a man who tells a trivial lie will surely dare to tell a big one.”

“Knowledge and the perfect religion is to avoid intruding into unconcerned matters, dispute others rarely, show clemency and steadfastness, and be well-mannered.”

“Whenever a thought comes in your mind that you are better than any other person, then think along these lines: If the person is older than you then remind yourself that this person is better than you in matters of Islam because he has done more good deeds than you have. If the person is younger than you then remind yourself that this person is better than you because he has committed less sins than you have. If he is of your age than your argument should be: he is better than you in matters of Islam since you know of your own sins but not of his.”

“The company of the righteous invites you to goodness.”

“Do not make anyone your enemy even though you consider him harmless and do not turn down a person’s friendship even if you think he will not benefit you.”

One Response to Quotes from Zainul Abideen

  1. guhlamay haider says:

    This is medicine , need more such doses to become good huma being , thank u

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