Quotes from Ameerul Mo’mineen

“I wonder at the proud one who was a drop of sperm yesterday & will be a rotting corpse tomorrow. And I wonder at the one who doubts God but sees God’s creation. And I wonder at the one who forgets death even though he sees the dead. And I wonder at the one who disavows the final genesis even though he sees the original genesis”

“The Ahlu’1-bayt are the Foundation of Islam and the Pillars of Faith. Every Muslim is dependent upon them for help and guidance to attain salvation.”

“The worshippers and followers of falsehood have always been in majority and the supporters of Truth have always been few in number.”

When Imam `Ali was fatally wounded by the poisoned sword of `Abdu ‘r-Rahman ibn Muljam (the curse of Allah be on him), he (`Ali) made the following will to Imam Hasan and Imam Husayn (peace be on them):

“I advise you (both) to fear Allah and that you should not hanker after the (pleasure of this) world even though it may run after you. Do not be sorry for anything of this world that you have been denied. Speak the truth and act (in expectation) for reward. Be an enemy of the oppressor and helper of the oppressed.”

“I advise you (both) and all my children and members of my family and everyone whom my writing reaches, to fear Allah, to keep your affairs in order, and to maintain good relations among yourselves for I have heard your grandfather (the Holy Prophet) saying: `Improvement of mutual differences is better than general prayers and fasting'”

“(Fear) Allah and keep Allah in view in the matter of orphans. So do not allow them to starve and they should not be ruined in your presence.”

“Whoever is allowed to seek forgiveness is not denied forgiveness. Whoever is granted gratitude is not denied increase”

“Your turning away from one who seeks of you is reduction of fortune. And your seeking of someone who turns away from you is self-degradation”

“Remember that enjoyments pass while consequences remain”

“Truth will throw down anyone who fights with it” “Destiny is two days; one for you & one against you so when its for you don’t be proud or reckless & when its against you be patient”“Words are under your control until you have spoken them but you come under their control once you have spoken them. So guard your tongue as you guard your gold for many a word snatches away blessings & brings adversity”

“One who draws the sword of injustice is killed by it”

“People are children of the world and no one is blamed for loving his mother”“Love your friend with some reserve for he might become inimical to you someday. Despise your enemy with some reserve for he might become your friend someday”

“The day of the oppressed over the oppressor is severer than the day of the oppressor over the oppressed”

“The most gracious deed is the one you have to force yourself to do”

“Beware of the flight of blessings, for nothing that runs away is returned”

Imam Ali said to his son Hassan: “Do not call to combat but respond if you are called to it, for the provocateur is an oppressor & an oppressor is to be fuelled.”

“It is amazing how the envious pay no attention to physical health”

“One who is mild rather than forceful has greater capacity for outreach”“Generosity is the protector of good reputations, while knowledge is the silencer of fools”

“And you may gain more from the gratitude of the grateful than from the neglect of the ungrateful. God loves the good”

“Do not under any circumstances let the ungrateful cause you to abstain from good work for sometimes one who enjoys nothing of it thanks you for it”

“All containers are reduced in capacity by what is placed in them, except a container of knowledge which expands”

“Mow evil from the heart of another by rooting it out of your own heart”

“People oppose what they are ignorant about”

“The world is a transitory abode, not a permanent abode and the people in it are of two sorts: one who sells his soul & ruins it, and one who ransoms his soul and frees it”

“Whoever sets himself up as a leader of other people should start educating himself before educating others and let him teach by his conduct before teaching by his tongue.”

“Each step one takes is a step towards one’s destiny”

“The tongue is a wild beast; when its let loose, it devours”

“Patience is twofold: patience in the face of what you dislike and patience in the absence of what you like”

“To whom the nearest deprive, the most distant give”

“When you have empowered an enemy show him forgiveness out of gratitude for the ability to overpower him”


`Ali, the fierce and furious fighter of Khandaq, courageous and dauntless conqueror of Khaybar, was the tender helper of the sick and the benefactor of widows and orphans.

Ali, the Prince of charity-givers, working very hard to earn money, overshadowed Hatim Ta’i, by giving away a laden caravan to a beggar when he asked for a piece of bread (for the sake of Allah). Ali, who himself ate dry barley bread and salt, would spread a banquet for the poor and the beggars. Ali, the Ocean of knowledge, would not speak unless asked.

In order to give dignity to honest labour, ‘Ali rolled up his sleeves and worked on the farms of Jews and Muslims as a labourer.

The mighty Caliph of the Islamic Empire and Conqueror of eighty-three jihads would mend his, as well as the Apostle’s shoes.

There were many phrases of ‘Ali and no man ever knew him well.

The Holy Prophet of Islam said: ‘Nobody knows Allah except I and Ali. Nobody knows me except Allah and Ali. Nobody knows ‘Ali except Allah and I. If you want to see the knowledge of Adam, the piety of Nuh, the devotion of Ibrahim, the awe of Musa and the service and abstinence of `Isa look at the bright face of `Ali.

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