Quotes from Al-Rida

“The honest man has not betrayed you, but you consider the betrayer as the honest one.”

“You had better avoid the munificence that results in the greater loss to you than the benefits received by your brethren.”

“He who is sure about the divine rewards will be more generous.”

“Giving alms is the most valuable savings.”

“To be parient in the face of hard-ships is a virtue but to refrain from forbidden deeds is a greater one.”

“Patience and resignation are considered as the worthiest devotions.”

“True devotion not only means excessive sayings of prayers and keeping fasts. One ought to meditate on the divinity profoundly.”

“Be modest before your friends and be prudent while encountering an enemy. Be pleasant with everyone.”

“It is much better to be uninterested in other’s properties than to be munificent.”

“To help the disabled is much better than to give alms.”
“The oppressors will finally be punished.”

“He who wishes to be the most needless, should put his full trust in Allah.”

“He who shows patience in providing Allah’s consent will no doubt get more than what he has lost.”

“He who desires to postpone the time of his decease and wishes to have his sustenance increased should observe ties of kinship.”

“Allah will make happy on the day of judgement the person who has removed the grief from the heart of a believer.”

“Be good companions of blessings because they are fleeting: once gone away, will not return.”

“The generous are the masters of the people in this world, while the pious are their chiefs on doomsday.”

“Be patient in the face of truth, bitter though it might taste to thee.”

“He who assesses himself carfeully will finally benefit: the negligent will lose out.”

“He who acts with no insight looks like a pedestrian who travels on a wrong path. The faster he walks, the more deviated he becomes from the staright path.”

Allah liketh not the person who has not defended his assailed house.

“The forgiving warriors will enjoy divine victory in the battlefield.”

“He who wishes to be the most dear to the people must be virtuous both in public and in secret.”

“The best and most respected virtue of a man is to do good and to fulfill the desires of the needy.”

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