Quotes from Al-Askari

“Do not dispute (with others) lest you will lose splendor and do not joke (with everyone) lest you will be disrespected.”

“Polytheism of people is more hidden that the creeping of ants on a black piece of cloth in a gloomy night.”

“Very much offering of prayers and fasting is not the worship; the very worship is the very much pondering over the affairs of Allah.”

“Anger is the key to every evil.”

“How ugly is it for a believer to have attachment to semething which causes him humiliation.”

“The fool’s heart is in his mouth , and the wise’s mouth is in his heart.”

“Fatigue is the friend of the ignorant.”

“Nothing is above two characters: believing in Allah and benefiting the friends.”

“Everything that you dislike your life if you lose it is surely preferred to your life, and everything that you desire for death if it befalls you is surely more evil than death.”

“Those who advice their friend secretly are respecting them, and those who advice them openly are humiliating them.”

“It is impolite to show happiness in front of the sad.”

“It is enough in politeness to dislike for others what you dislike for yourself.”

“The powerful will be definitely humiliated if he ignores the right and the humble will be definitely valued if he takes in it.”

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