“Lantern of the Path” is a book written by Imam Jafar Sadiq (as), which is the inspiration behind this website, one for the London based followers of Prophet Muhammad (saws) and his Ahlulbayt to have a place where primarily English educational resources and information is organised for them. We welcome all Islamic schools of thought, as well as anyone interested in increasing their worldly knowledge, to get involved.

Many people have disregarded Islam’s true message, and focus more on the do’s and dont’s whilst spirituality has been stripped away from this beautiful way of life for many practising it. We are hoping to work towards bringing spirituality back into our lives by increasing our knowledge on these teachings. We want to unite our community, by having one place where we can organise all our events, organise different types of lectures and lessons, poems, news, articles and debates, opinions and whatever else may help us in increasing our knowledge and improving our inner selves. There will be areas on the site for those with limited knowledge of the Ahlulbayt who are interested, as well as more advanced lessons from various books that will be compiled. The book which inspired this website will be available for all to read. Insha’Allah we can all work together to progress. I would just like to credit and thank Al-islam.org as much of their information was used in order to compile this website.

“One hour of reflection is greater than seventy years of worship.” – Prophet Muhammad (saws)

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  1. Faten jammoul says:

    Salam,May Allah swt reward you for your efforts. I look forward to upcoming events and lectures which I can get involved in and share with my Shia n none Shia friends. To me muharam is about re-living n sharing the story of our dear imam, the grandson of our beloved prophet. The great battle n sacrifices offered by him, in a bid to keep Islam alive.. Imam Hussien teaches us to stand up against oppression no matter who the oppressors are or how many of them stand against you.

  2. Mansura & Ali says:

    Filled with tears – Labbaik ya Hussain

    Me & my son were on this trip as well, Mashallah very well written. We had experienced the same as it was our first time2. Inshallah, our ziarat qabul, ameen. I am very happy that someone from our Group expressed it so well. May Allah bless you & your family – . Pray for all who have hajaat to visit the holy shrines of our Imams and get the invitation again for us too. Ameen.

    I would appreciate if you have any other videos from this trip to share – shukran

    iltemase doaa

  3. shainaaz punjani says:

    Mashaallah, Jazakallah

  4. hussain says:

    Assalam ‘alaikum and jazak Allah khair for the EXCELLENT effort in order to propagate this marvellous work by Imam Sadiq (a)

  5. salim says:

    mashallah knowledge is most essential to us

  6. abu zayn says:

    Brilliant website!! especially for new Shia Muslims who are only english speaking, may Allah make it beneficial to all and May Allah bless you for making it!

  7. Allahu Akbar!
    When I found this website, i became very happy that an ocean of knowledge is here. I asked my Grand father if it’s alright to send to friends on Facebook even though their not religious as me. He replied as said it’s Amr Be Maroof” so its good to do it. I then began sending the link to friends and end up sending 106 friends. Inshallah every one of them benefit from this.

    Asalamu Alaykum.

  8. Excellent site. A lot of useful info here. I’m sending it to some pals ans also sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks for your sweat!

  9. Soheila Nikravesh says:

    Hello brother, sister,
    Does Hajj Hassanain have a website or an email-address for us to ask questions? I’m not a member of face-book and thus that way I am not able to ask questions. is it possible to submit my questions through this website? If so, my main question at this moment is if Hajj RajabAli is familiar with the teachings of Ekhart Tolle; and if positive, what does he think about them. How to integrate the simple, clear and ego-less messages of Ekhart with the teachings of true Islam? What does he think about true Sufism or mystic Islam which comes very close to the teachings of Ekhart Tolle; and to be honest, the truths in the messages of Hajj RajabAli brings me in a way closer to the essense of the teachings of Sufism (mysic Islam) and those of Ekhart Tolle, etc. What is his comment on this.
    Thank you

  10. Nina says:

    Attractive website by all means and purposes, I hope for further and continuous success. I have benefitted a lot from this website in getting to know Ahlulbayt teachings and principles and I hope that there will be also provided translation of Arabic words like Ahlulbayt to English which I know it means the Honored Family (A) of The Prophet (PBUH) but I also want those who know nothing about Islam to know it. Al Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah wa barakatuh (May Allah Bestow upon you His Peace, Mercy and Blessings)

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